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Painting new builds

Not quite the right forum since this is for period properties but can’t see anywhere more appropriate so excuse the intrusion :slight_smile:

I am putting costs together for a job that is going to involve decorating from scratch 5 large rooms that are newly finished - i.e bare wood and plaster everywhere.

Normally for a straight forward redec I would allow a couple of days per room. However, these will all need misting and at least three coats on that (customer F&B fan and I wouldn’t risk less than three with that). Wood will need spot, prime and two coats.

So I am now thinking 3 days per room is more realistic and given that there are 6 rooms I will be able to work across them at the same time to be efficient.

I don’t think money is an object with this customer, especially as she is asking when I can start without even knowing what I am charging! But even so I don’t want to go mad with it and over-quote.

Does everyone think a 3 day per room costing is sensible here or am I going to struggle to get it all done in that time bearing in mind all the priming?

I guess I am looking for someone to say 'hey yes go for it - posh customer with money to burn" Maybe I need to cost for 20 days to be on the safe side :slight_smile:

hey yes go for it !! :slight_smile:

Have all your pricing problems gone away?

Why not do the first room on an hourly rate, note everything you do with timings so you end up with a metre and lin metre rate and then give them a fixed price based on measurements not guesses.

If you know your numbers you will know if running 3 or 4 rooms together was more efficient for you than doing one room at a time.

The man from Delmonte, he say YES! Go for it Greenpainting

Do you spray? Be a lot quicker with an airless on all that new plaster, probably 3 days for all 6 rooms, which gives you more time to get that woodwork looking like glass. Never assume “posh customers” have money to burn, they are normally the most astute when it comes to business!

Find out what the customers expectations are with regards durability or purely aesthetic when speccing F&B paints:

I haven’t been a sprayer but I did consider it on this job - although I was thinking about the doors as there’s going to be both sides of six paneled doors.

Now the thing is I have looked closely at the job and pretty happy the time I have estimated is going to be plenty. The customer is happy with the price and the terms so if I spend out on a sprayer the cost will be covered by the days saved I guess.

In terms of standards - looking at the efforts of the customer on stuff she’s done herself - it’s not going to be hard to impress her! Seriously I realise when a customer pays a packet for a dec they expect high and that’s what they get.

Hoping not to get woodwork like glass though - it’s all F&B eggshell :slight_smile: I have mentioned the durability of F&B emulsions and she’s happy to go with it - even with two young kids and a dog! But she’s already got F&B in places and Fired Earth I think so obviously has very careful children!