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Painting over cork tiles

Hi guy’s and girls. I’m about to decorate a room of which there is one wall which has cork tiles recessed and flush to the surrounding wall. Don’t want to attempt to remove (too much mess etc). I am proposing to seal the cork tiles then fill, as necessary, any iffy joints followed by emulsion paint. Advice please on whether this is the way to go or should I consider applying lining paper after prepping as proposed.

:sunny: Consider applying lining paper after prepping as proposed. My opinion :sunny:

Nothing wrong with lining.

If the tiles are uneven, and you want to line, you would need to consider a thick lining paper to make the joints disappear.

In my limited experience cork is suitable for exterior as well as interior cladding, as it won’t move in hot or wet conditions. No insects are interested in it either because it is inert. Therefore depending on texture, skim filler and paint could well be sufficient.

As ever, when trying a new spec, do a small trial ahead of time.

Thanks Andy and Stafen.
Cork tiles are flat and slight gaps on joints so belts and braces and will line as well. Again thanks for your advice

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My pleasure! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think that I would run over with a sander to try to bring them all to one level or at least get adjacent tiles level before sealing. Then go over with the filler, sand again and then apply a thick lining paper. It surprised me in the past just how small a difference in levels is still visible once lining paper is painted.

Thanks for your input John. going all the way on this one. Sand,fill, sand, seal, lining paper, apply finish. Job done - I hope.

Try lining with Wallrock fibreline best lining paper on the market IMO, I don’t use anything else now, good luck with your project

Thanks for the info Rod. I shall get onto my supplier.

+1 on the Wallrock fibreline.