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Painting over embossed paper in kitchen

Got a customer who wants to paint her ceiling wallpaper in kitchen,whats the best product to clean before painting have told her it could come away at joins and even bubble,she just wants to make it look white again. Was thinking sugar soap or krudcutter but this is a thick embossed wallpaper,not sure if it will do more harm cleaning,it,its been up 20 years.cheers jason

That’s a tricky one mate. As you say - any cleaning is likely to soften the paper and damage it unless you’re really careful.

What about a coat of blocker - 123+ is meant to go over grease (I think) so if the ceiling isn’t actually coated in filth you might be better to just block it with a primer and then go on with your top. Give it all a wipe with a slightly damp cloth first to take off any loose bits, dust it all of and then prime.

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Would imagine that Classidur Universal Primer Xtreme would do the job. Dries to a great matt finish as well so would do as the finished coat.


What other areas are you using this product for mark?

I’ve been using it as a stain blocker, painting bathroom/kitchen ceilings, as an adhesion primer before painting some kitchen tiles and as a primer when changing dark woodwork to white…etc.

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