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Painting over silicone sealent

Hi guys got a job to do that involves painting over silicone, sealant,tryed bulleye 123,and cover stain both no luck help needed.cheers

You need caulk or a paintable window frame sealant for exterior work. I don’t know any particularly good paintable frame sealants - they all seem harder than caulk to apply. I think Geocel Trade Mate Paintable Frame Sealant was the best of the bunch I tried.

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Hi Darlic, I’ve used an aerosol type stain block to successfully seal rogue silicone marks (for instance where a previous trade has been a bit over enthusiastic in the application!). However if you have a lot if frames to paint around, perhaps Zinsser bin would be easier to apply.

Thanks everyone ,in the end, I had to cut the silicone out.

Got a similar job coming up soon and I am thinking the same thing. Be great if there was something to prime it with but I’m not sure BIN will be that safe. Why do builders use bloody silicone round window frames when there’s acrylics? Pain in the rump.

Tried Bullseye 123,and cover stain no luck.

No they will just ciss up. BIN sticks better but I’m not convinced. I’ve send a message to Zinsser to see if they will claim any of their products will work.

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BIN isn’t flexible enough to be used outside. Wouldn’t recommend it personally.


It’s an interior Rob. Still not comfortable using BIN though. I might test at home before I try it and otherwise the silicone will come off.

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Myself I would cut out, and start again, silicone anything is a problem.