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Painting over stained varnished hardwood handrail

Sorry to go slightly off track but it is related - a bit :slight_smile:

I am going to be doing banisters and rails soon on a job. At the moment they are stained (I think) varnished hardwood although I don’t know what wood it is it is close grained and no knots. Now I had decided I was going to key it and start with BE123+ followed by the usual sanding between and Bedec advanced u/c and top.

I get the impression, Andy, that you don’t like BE123 so much hence the suggested Classidur - but is that the old 123 or the 123+ you don’t like? I’ve used a fair bit of 123+ as a barrier on old o/b but not used it on jobs like this with previously varnished wood. According to the data sheet it should be good for it but if anyone has more experience with it’s limitations I would be interested to hear them.

Got no problem going with Classidur if it’s better for the job but rather stick to Zinsser if I can because of the UK base.