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Painting over stained/waxed joinery

Me again! Query number two:
I have to paint some internal joinery white which is currently waxed or something. So, I wanted to asked the best way prepare this woodwork and what would be a suitable satin finish? I was thinking about BIN.
Thanks again.

if its been previously waxed then definitely a shellac primer either B-I-N or Isofix.
prep by a thorough scrub down with meths using a green scourer before applying shellac

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Nice one. Thanks Dave. Would scrubbing with meths and scourer mean you wouldn’t need to do the usual sanding part of your prep or is it both?
Also what are the differences between Isofix and BIN. Do you prefer one over the other?

meths to remove wax/grease etc then sand down as required. If you try sanding waxed wood it will clog in the first orbital swirl!!

little to choose between BIN and Isofix although I do find Isofix is a little easier to apply than BIN

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I see, good point. Thanks for your help Dave.

What about krudcutter?i no a antique restorer he swears by water/vinger 50/50

I think I’ve got some Krudcutter. Not surprised that vinegar has come up - my mum gave me a book once called 1001 practical uses for vinegar! Thanks mum!
Cheers Jason.

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Zinsser recommend prepping with meths (in their booklet and on their website) - its compatible with BIN so therefore less likely to get chemical cross contamination than if you use other products. Keep it simple eh!!

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