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Painting plastic facias

Have a plastic facia to paint on a bow window head under soffit board so protected to some degree. Prep and paint spec would be very much appreciated. Similarly the window frame has been varnished previously and needs to be painted. The varnish seems to be sound again advice on prep and paint spec. Many Thanks

Sorry to have not responded earlier. If you were thinking of painting the soffit board white, have you considered simply using uPVC restorer to clean it back to new? It works wonders. See here

If the varnish on the frame is yellowy, then it is likely polyurethane varnish. If clear, acrylic. Either way I would wash it down, lightly abrade and apply 3 coats minimum as appropriate. cheers

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Thanks Andy for your response. The customer wants to change colour from brown to black. I have looked at Zinsser Allcoat exterior water based and had good reports. The usual prep needs doing prior to the change of colour.

That was a great article, cleaned loads of gutters/facails,for scuff marks, found a magic
eraser excellent, we tried loads of cleaners,even
polishes to restore faded upvc will add info on weekend

Had a look online and My paint brush but cannot get the FluXaf Upvc restorer. Advise please on where to purchase. Many Thanks

try @BenSturges

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Thank you very much Andy