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Painting Porch Tiles?

Hi! I’m a keen DIYer and just finishing hand-painting a very glossy front door, however, the storm-porch flooring really lets it down! It’s just not practical to retile at the moment but I’ve seen lots online about painting interior ceramic tiles and then stencilling. I’d like to have a go but am wondering as to what the best products might be to use? The porch is covered but not enclosed, it’s north-facing so doesn’t get too much bad weather or sunshine. It does obviously have a fair amount of foot traffic. The tiles are a beige quarry type so not glazed.

I’ve contacted Tikkurila as they have such an extensive product range and the response was that they don’t have anything suitable. I suspect most paint manufacturers wouldn’t want to guarantee that a paint is suitable for a non-specified use?

I think the adhesion primer might be key here? What primer might be the best bet? I want something durable but understand that this would be a temporary measure.

Many thanks in advance for any thoughts or experiences .

Check out this article from Lee Simone, it explains step by step how to deal with tiles.

Hi Andy, thank you! That’s exactly what I was looking for…Not sure how I missed that! Will post some pics when I’m done :smiley:

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Have you thought of surgically cleaning the tiles then a sealer?

I might find out that I like them a bit more if they were clean :rofl: I was going to use an oxy bleach based cleaner as the first step, when you say surgically clean do you mean something like Maalipesu (I’ve got some Fluxaf Proclean but I don’t think that’s as strong?). Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi when i say surgically clean,i mean deep clean, with products to use, any good cleaning supplier, that supplies the trade, would be able to advise on cleaning product and sealant. You could try evans high class cleaner very effective product, try a small area,on low dlution,and see how it comes up,for more stubborn ingrained in dirt use a magic eraser,and increase chemical dilution.cheers