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Painting Previously painted Trim

Hi All,

Firstly I would like to say thank you to all the posters this place is a fountain of knowledge.

I am embarking on a new project, painting the skirting and trim in my house. The skirting is the traditional Victorian skirting really tall with intricate mouldings.

It is all currently white although I do not know the type of paint use finish it.

The trim has a lot of dints, my process was to sand and surface fill with tx110. Then apply a quote of Bm advance primer sand again, apply 2 quotes of bm advanced satin sanding in between.

Would love to hear your opinions to see if I this can be altered to achieve a more complete finish.

I do not mind using oil or water based paint whatever will be best for durability.

Hi, thanks for posting, glad the info here has been of help.

Your preparation sounds spot on. The only thing I would add is to have acrylic caulk handy for cracks along top of skirting/wall joint and corner joints.

As for oil v water borne, if the preparation is right the subsequent coats don’t need to be full bodied ie oil is often specified to fill out imperfections.

I haven’t got experience with Advance. If this is the first time using the paint or that filler spec, I would try a sample area and see how I got on so I could gauge what I was going to achieve on the whole project.

Hi thanks for the reply,

Would you use gas so for the mouldings?

Also rather then the bm primer what about if I used zinzzer it even used both zinzzer, bm Jc and 2 bm top quotes?

If so what order would you do it in?