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Painting the bottom of a boat

Hi All, I’ve had an enquiry if I would paint the bottom of their boat with anti fouling paint.
Has anyone got any advice on materials, experience and method?

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Hi i always used international ,worked well for me,depending on what your doing are you gong to clean /polish hull,and engine leg,fenders as well most people do this stuff when taking a boat out of the water?My self once the hull has been pressure washed,and chocked
i would be looking to remove stains around waterline y10 fibreglass stain remover is good
for that,any harnicles,use a scraper being careful not to damage grp,will add more on weekend cheers

Andy is your man for this!

Thanks, I will consider all of what you’ve suggested. I haven’t seen the boat yet, so don’t know what’s needed at present. I’ll let you know more details when i know and pick your brain a little more then.

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I know next to nothing about plastic boats, but this is a full account of painting a wooden boat and relatively speaking, painting the bottom was not a big challenge

The easiest paint to apply was the blue bottom paint, where I used a roller. On the downside, it is copper-based, a gallon weighs about 30lbs, and it is environmentally unfriendly to marine life and humans. ie very bads news if it spills on your skin and gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

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The thing you have got to watch out for on grp boats ,when out the water is osmoises,its a blisters on the hull,soon as you see them advice owner to call in the experts,one product worth looking into is coppercoat,but you will have to look into that one.You will find lots of good info in a chanderly,but if you post a photo will be happy to have a look.