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Painting upvc windows & doors

Hi all. I have been asked to paint PVC windows & doors.any ideas on a good system? Done some reaserch and seems best prep is acetone & scotchbrite. Any ideas on best primer & finish? I looked at a paint called kolorbond anyone tried it. All help appreciated. Alastair

Are you painting because the Upvc is dull or just change colours?

Hi Jason. Its a change of colour from white to black

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I’ve got some scrap ends from a window fitter so will try a few different systems. I’ll let your no how I get on

Hi all I done some samples on scrap PVC sil .1/cleaned with cell thinners & scotch pad, ESP 1 ct of 123.& 1ct of Black Friar satin metal finish
2/ cleaned with cell thinners & scotch pad 1 ct of UPOL aerosol plastic bumper primer & 2 CTS Black Friar satin metal finish.
3/ cell thinners, 1 ct oil u/coat & 1 ct oil gloss.
Left them exposed to weather for the last 6 mths done scratch test,sanded small areas to test adhesion. The best was no2. no3 held reasonably well & no1 scratched off very easily. Hope this helps anyone with PVC to paint. Has anyone tried other systems.


Interesting tests.

Thanks for sharing.

I don’t see the logic in this particular test. The ESP would have cleaned and provided a key in one ready for a topcoat system direct. ESP also doesn’t like to be around cellulose. So I don’t see the need for cellulose thinners or 123? Having said that, I have no idea what BF satin metal performs like. Did this lose adhesion back to the plastic?


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I’d give surfaces a good clean with Virosol (or equivalent) and then full rinse off. I wouldn’t use a Scotch pad or anything that might scratch the surface.

Once dry, a full degrease with meths and lots of clean cloths.

Then one full coat of Zinsser Bullseye 123+ followed by 2 coats of Zinsser Allcoat Exterior Satin or Gloss.

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Hi Andy
The BF satin was what I had to hand at the time. Its a decent mid sheen oil based metal paint & dries reasonably quick. It did loose adhesion back to the plastic. I thought the cell. thinners would degrease, cean & evaporate off enough for ESP to work but obviously not. Its all learning even after 38 years at the trade.

Hi Mark.
I’ll try this system & leave I a few mths try a scratch test let you know how it worked.

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