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Paste machines

hi all . Now I’ve worked out how to right posts on here u will all be seeing a lot more of me . Now I do a lot of paper hanging an my dad being a decorator before me had a beeline heavy duty paste master . But when I started my apprenticeship in 1999 my old boss had never even seen one . So when I got chance to get my own ( a tapofix CB 27) I would say my best piece of kit . Although was £600 I’d say paid for itself in 6 months . So I can’t understand why so many decorators don’t have them ??

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cleaned ready for when I come back from holiday

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I think the £600 may have something to do with most decorators’ decision-making! Refreshing to hear you looked past the initial cost.

I was introduced years back to Modus paste machines, a bit industrial but very reliable. The guy who ran the company told me he was all but run off site once when demoing it to a group of decorators. Who needs a machine if you have an apprentice.

I wouldn’t be without a pasting machine. Even if you “only” have a standard width one and can’t use it on US and continental widths, lining paper alone it will pay for itself in relatively few jobs. The guys I know who have used them have never looked back.

Very true my one only does normal widths and lining paper but just the time u save . An u can’t miss any paper with the paste ( I know u shouldn’t anyway ) an the way u can control the thickness of paste is fantastic . Just wanna say Andy wat a fantastic site this is for decorators . Learning loads of new ideas . Would u recommend going to the decorating show in Coventry or is it ur typical trade shops ?

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And I’ve never heard of modus . I got put on to tapofix through a rep . Great piece of kit really is . I seen there leaflet an it had one with its own built in table that folded out … Very fancy . Think that did wide paper

Hi andy what do you think of beeline wallpaste master machine?

I used one for a few years, pays for itself in no time. In general the bigger the paste machine the better. ie buy the best you can afford.

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Would you recommend for small jobs?

Sure. Once you use it you will want to keep using it.

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