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Paste the wall?

I myself am wondering where is the advantage is for pasting the wall for standard non woven papers . Up and down step ladders more , edges drying out on long hall drops .
Comments on a postcard .

Hi i take it your applying the correct amount of paste? You can check that with a filling blade? Is the hall hot?We put our paper in a black bag when working in warm conditions, and leave for 10 minutes.You could try misting edges with water before applying paste.Hope that helps

I have edited my first post as I failed to mention pasting the wall sorry about that .Thank you for taking the time to comment . I had a small area to do after the longer hall drops which I agree was a bit warm at the time, this time pasted the paper and hung no need to book as non woven , for me I felt it was easier than pasting the wall and no rushing about to beat the paste edge drying. I think for future jobs a combination of the two methods can be employed. Thanks for your suggestion re misting .