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Patchy walls

I decorated a 1st floor room in a house about 4 years ago and had to apply Zinsser Gardz due to spackling. This was followed by an emulsion finish. I have just been called back to do further work and noticed that there is some random dark shading occurring on one internal wall which is not particularly visible viewing face on but clearly seen side on albeit there is a good covering of paint. There is also shading around the wall/ceiling junctions. The property is circa 1930s and for the record the roof space is clean and airy. Any advise would be appreciated regarding the sealing of the walls/ceiling.

Hi are you saying, the filler is grinning through, after being sealed with gardz and emulsion? Did you spot the zinerser gardz,or rolled the whole wall?What filler did you use?Have you got a photo?

The whole wall was sanded - due to the spackling - then applied the gardz. No filling was applied to the wall and finished with the emulsion. The wall is flat so no shadowing. I think a call to zinsser to see if the gardz was good enough to cure this problem as well as the spackling and maybe try their cover stain. It is definitely not water stains. Sorry no photo, not clever enough to upload, I’m out of the stone age and have not been to the school of technology !!

Hi darlic and others. I spoke to Zinsser and given that I am not clever enough to upload photo’s - and all that palaver, they suggested that the problem may be ‘Thermal Tracking’. very interesting! Never heard of this before and when I investigate further it makes interesting reading, the guy suggested to use Bullseye then re-dec. Has anybody come across this before and if so any advice.

Never heard of it,what you could do to save a bit of time, tint the bullseye to top coat,cheers

Luckily the top coat is white so not too much of a problem. We shall see and if it works I’ll send Zinsser an orange at christmas !!