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Paul pro decorator west of Grantham

Hi all, Ive been lurking for a while garnering as much info as i can from this excellent site. My background is not of a typical painter decorator & I have never ventured into the commercial world till now. I’m hoping to learn a lot from yourselves and by the same token would like to pass the same on later on down the line.



Hi Paul and welcome, tells us a bit more about yourself and what your currently upto in the world of P&D

Regards Russ

Hi Paul, welcome along.
Looking forward to hearing about your non-typical background.
Ask away for any advice, be only too pleased to help you out.

Hi to both of you, thanks for the welcome!
I’m not up to a massive amount currently in P&D but slowly trying to change that - experience-wise I have painted a few houses over the years - more than 10 but less than 20, but no where near as many as a seasoned painter/decorator) though that was mainly through friends and relatives.
In the early 90s i did an arts course but it didn’t show or reveal to me the extent of technical expertise or craftsmanship that many of you here use on a daily basis - which is what I mean by non-typical route or background.

Hi Paul, pleased to meet you. Decorating is a massive all encompassing profession and yu need to differentiate yourself in a commercial world.

If you have an artistic streak in you, and you are starting out, I would exploit that and aim for the finer side of decorating.

All through this site you will find info on how to master all the prep and basecoats, and then pushing for flawless finishes. Over time we will also be adding to the pool of knowledge about how to apply decorative finishes, wallpapering, and other branches of decorating.

Each of those is a specialism in itself, and there are guys out there who do just wallpapering 5 days a week, or working months at a time on historic buildings, and equally taking house bashing to a new level, mastering spraying and all the special paints and finishes that require spraying… And there is residential, commercial, industrial, marine…

A lot of us have been at it 25-30 years, but we all started out in the “P&D” trade, and just aspired to go beyond mediocre house bashing and whatever we find ourself doing, do it to the best levels.

Enjoy your journey :slight_smile:

Whereabouts are you based?

Hi Andy, Thanks for the advice on direction, I had come to a similar conclusion - and with time I hope to be able to add to the pool of knowledge here.

I’m located west of Grantham on the Leicestershire border with Lincolnshire.

edit - just came across your website Russ - interesting & excellent work!

Thank you Paul, your comments are very much appreciated

Just thought I’d mention that zinsser are offering a free pocket guide to surface priming and decoration here - to any who are interested!