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Polyvine dead flat varnish picture framing on matt emulsion

I have applied polyvine dead flat varnish over dulux vinyl matt, two coats and am disappointed that it is picture framing noticeably; the cutting in showing different to the rolled parts.Clean piccaso brush, new hamilton 1/4 inch roller sleeve. I have used a lot of this product in the past with no problems. Thoughts?

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Well i spoke to polyvine who tell me that i should have applied satin first then dead flat. When i pointed out that this is not suggested in any form on the bottle, the answer was we cant put everything on as we dont have room.
apparently this is a common problem over matt emulsion.
A bit disappointing that a product that says it is designed to use over emulsion finishes does not specify its nonsense system. It has cost me money to repaint in Diamond matt and i will be slow to use their producf in the future.

1 Like it covers the principle of satin first, dead flat on top.

Polyvine didnt help themselves there with their message on a bottle, however it is a principle that applies to Diamond glaze for instance - gloss first and then top off with the finish you want.

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Thanks Andy, i read that article.
It is a nonsence though, that a simple instruction cant be printed on the bottle, are they expecting all users to naturaly know this stuff? It also makes for a costly aproach that i shall not be engaging in the future.

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I too made a big mistake with PolyVine Dead Flat several years ago

Client wanted F&B Elephants Breath on hall walls but felt their Modern Emulsion had too much sheen.
So after applying F&B estate emulsion I applied two coats PolyVine"Dead Flat’ - end result a shiny almost satin sheen.
When I phoned PolyVine about this they didn’t mention the base coat of Satin but said that very absorbent surfaces would result in a shinier finish.

Never again!

Since then I stay with a paint system and not try to reinvent it with varnishes for a client.


We use crown extreme, its very good in high traffic areas, or where there’s sticky fingerprints.

Hi, I do seem remember that some years ago it used to say use Satin first on the bottles, however, we also add dead flat to the paint itself to add strength, I have also been using Dulux Durable Flat Matt. It gives a good flat finish and does wipe clean pretty well, we have even added a dead flat varnish to this sometimes in heavy traffic areas. Hope this helps.