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Popular kitchen repaint colours & neptune

Hi All,

Are any of you familiar with the color schemes and shades currently offered by Neptune?

It’s very much in the farrow and ball envelope but the have put schemes together which are really popular with my clients, especially as they are grouping these shades together In the catalogue and this makes things quite accessible for clients who need a bit of confidence in colour changes.

Please let me know, it’s certainly a nice range - any idea who makes it for them ?

Not sure the quality of their actual paint so it’d be holmans version all the way but at £34 for 2.5 litres water based eggshell it’s certainly competitive



I’ve seen the colours and yes they are very nice palette, very F&B, Mylands, etc etc etc
When you speak to their customer services they say their furniture is painted with their paint, I will be very interested to see what their paint is like and how durable it is.

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Had a chat about Neptune a while back.

Neptune paint comes from Bradite (the company that sorts out the LG stable) I believe. Acrylic eggshell on their kitchens.

According to @mark Neptune is based in Swindon, with a showroom in Marlborough.

@paintedbyemma (hope I’m not breaking any govt secrets using your quote!)

It is water based, flows well and has a good finish, but not much different to F&B. Have repainted it over existing neptune paint and it was fine.