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Power rollers

Well we finally finished,two pros had painted this before,the last one,got masonry paint all over the windows,overcharged the customer,the windows he had fitted,some time ago all leaked,it was down to me and my son to seal,and make good,I could see he had been given poor service,so we had to restore his trust i,we removed all his garden furniture,layer on cardboard,the usual sheeting up,all his lights,I used freezer bags to cover and pro dec plastic on ornaments I couldn’t move,as for the gutters the next job we will take them off,what are the best small rollers to use with masonary paint for facial boards,still haven’t been able to get any recommendations on a good masonry brush,as for power rollers any idears,what cost for entry level,I use plywood against brickwork to avoid any splatter,The polarbear roller we will order,as for power rollers are they easy to use,would they be a good investment for this type off work.All in all,the customer got a top job,he was more than happy,even stapled one off our leaflets to his fence,and is going to help with our promotional video.Last but least all his screws on wall we used coverstain to proctect from rust.

Power rollers are surprisingly not that popular, they have their uses though, on exteriors it is non stop roller time, especially good for gable ends, just keep on working with minimal interruption. Cleaning out is a time consuming job, so need a good run of work.

It was a while back, we did a lot of digging for solutions, for lack of longer piles and sleeve sizes. That may have changed.

If you are looking for ideas for brushes for cutting in on masonry, a 3 or 4" synthetic is a good start. I have used the 3" Fox on textured surfaces, it holds a lot of paint. I don’t have an opinion for or against any other stiffer synthetic bristle brushes. Maybe someone else can chime in.

Hi folks doses anyone no off a good pro power roller kit on market that would be good for exterior surfaces.Thanks in advance

If you look at Graco spray kit they seem to have accessories that will be of interest to you. One year after this thread started, power rollers still do not seem to be featuring in paint application options. Are they the paint pad of spraying, sneered at in general by the trade but definitely have their uses?

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