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Practice time!

Hello chaps,

Find myself with a few days spare (again :frowning2:) so I’m going to practice on my mums kitchen door! She has already had a go at it so going to go straight on with the Dulux Diamond eggshell. It’s a 6 raised panel timber door. Since joining the TP forum I have accumulated a lot of brushes but still not sure which one to go for!
So, brush suggestions, sequence and tips to get the best from the paint (flow, laying off etc) would be great. Would using a roller help or be good to practice with?

Many thanks,


For laying of look at the hamilton prestige pure,brilliant for that.

iv,e been getting some great results with synthetic sable brushes for laying off
if you are using the rolling on laying off method.
fox do a nice laying off brush also
the best thing is not to overwork the paint get it on and lay it off


More good info where do you buy them brushs from Teho