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Practice time

Hello chaps,

I found myself with with a few days off work (again!) and thought I’d do some practicing. So, going to have a go at my mums 6 panel timber door (not glass). Got some Coverstain and Dulux wb Diamond eggshell left over so that’s what she’s having! I’ve done a few of these now but it’s been a while but as its a practice session I’ve got more time so could experiment a bit. So, any tips on sequence, rolling/laying off vs brushing, brushes etc would be great. Also was thinking about getting some conditioner for the Coverstain.



Water-based use a damp purdy,thin a bit to flow and dont lay of to much,or brush lines come,as for coverstain prefer spray can much faster,go well with it.cheers

Hmm, hadn’t thought about using the cans. Seen them but never used them. Would need to be meticulous with the sanding and filling if I used the aerosol wouldn’t I?