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Prepare and paint a door in a damp, mildew room

I have an inside of exterior door to paint,the trouble is it seems to attract,black mildew in the grooves of the door,and frame,i want to solve the problem,i no a solution of bleach will clean it but,i intend to repaint,so is there anything on the market that will stop this happening,i am also looking to purchase a mirka sander which is there best type,for interior walls and woodwork.

Hi Jason

the simple answer to mildew etc is to treat the cause, so it doesnt reappear. The ambient temperature / humidity levels are the main areas where you can make a difference (or not) to prevent repeat cases.

Once cleaned mildew wont grow on clean gloss paint, only on particles that are on it. So the paintwork should be kept clean. There are mildewcides you can add to the paint for extra beef.

This article without doubt provides all the info you (and anyone) will ever need to know about mildew.

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Thanks Andy for your expert advice,i am learning.

once properly prepped and primed you could try Zinsser Perma White as a top coat

note their labelling is for American market, so their ‘Eggshell’ comes out very flat (i use it in bathroom ceiling and walls with great success)
their ‘Satin’ finishes up more like acrylic eggshell such as Sikkens BL etc

Well door nearly finished,a few questions need answers to,one i cleaned mildew with correct chemical and brush and followed instructions,it took it off,but i found in the grooves of the door it didn’t,i tryed a sponge scouring pad,what do you recommend,on this door as well it had a number of small panes of glass,which i taped up before painting with perma white amazing really covered well,but when i taped to cut i used scissors,would it be better to use knife just worried i would mark the wood.

What about a toothbrush? Also you could try measuring and precutting the tape before applying to the pane. In fact only two opposite sides need to be measured exactly as the remaining two sides only need to just overlap the measured ones. make sense?