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PRESTONETT Gras a lacquer

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Martin Dunn, Traditional painter and Decorator in Staffordshire is well versed in the art of oil-based surfacer fillers. He was recently sent a tub of Prestonnet Gras a Lacquer to try by Aaron at Beissier. Beissier are Trade Corner members.

Seeing as they trust me to give it a go, I decided to put my copy of Peoples Friend down to write a few words. As part of our on-going work…

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Gras a Lacquer is one of the most talked about little used fillers! It is used where you are looking for a number 10 front door paint job. Used judiciously, it adds a really good touch to an exterior and everything and everyone shines around it. Or on cills.

It will raise the sheen level a notch, so bear that in mind, if your aim is not to have the shiniest finish in the king of shine stakes.

It must go on thin too. Here is a useful thread. Also use the search button to find more discussion around Gras a Lacquer

Which brands of Swedish Putty type products like the have you used? Had a go with Tekaloid car body products?

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tekaloid ,brushing filler what’s the drying time, between coats and how long before you can paint.