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Pricing awkward windows

Having just completed 2 maintenance jobs for a client in a block of flats I have been asked to price up some more work of other people.

This one is taxing my little brain.
Sliding sash windows, internal painting only. Top sash fixed closed.
Owner says they haven’t done anything to them in 20 years - it looks like it!
There is some minor repair work to do, this isn’t the issue.

Costing up the painting is where I’m stuck, not having done windows this big or awkward before.

Top of windows is 3m from the floor, the framing runs to the floor, the bottom of window is approx 0.8m from floor. 1.2m wide (overall inc framing 1.4m). Simple 2 pane horizontal split to each sash (not much mullion painting :relieved: ). The framing width (i.e from the sash itself to the wall) is approx 20cm, it’s decorative Georgian style moulding, so brush work only.

My instinct is saying 8 hours per window, prep, prime/undercoat, 2 top coats. 2-3 hours to strip back (very flaky existing paint) fill (where needed) & mask then the remaining 4-5 hours or so to paint, 1 coat primer/undercoat & 2 top coats. Will be using quick drying paints.

There are 5 windows in total, 2 windows in 2 rooms, 1 in another room.
Lots of high level work is going to increase work time right???

Client is saying “we’re thinking of selling and think it is wise to tidy them up a bit”. I wonder if they are saying this for a cheapo job.

Any hints?


Get set up with a correct sized mobile tower and a crate and allow for erecting, moving, packing away.

I don’t know if you have seen the tower I’d use for high interiors and exteriors too? I don’t know where to find them these days, maybe a long search will yield results. It looks mickey mouse but then everyone who has laughed at it, and used it, wants one! It’s stable but gives lots of access up to about 3m and wheels through normal width doors so you don’t have to dissemble it.

Don’t get pressured by client. You price it as you see fit, to do the work standard that earned you the recommendation. That’s how word of mouth works, right? :grinning:

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Thanks as always for you input Andy.
I won’t be pressured and I now have a figure I’m comfortable with, so I’m going to pitch it and see. If I win the job good, if I don’t heyho, I have plenty of other jobs on the books and quotes to send out.

The “wheel chair” platform is not something I would laugh at, I used similar in the 90’s in the Army when working on vehicles. Bloody handy and the right tool for the right job.

I found this mobile platform…
Don’t all rush folks!! :rofl:

Typically out of stock and most likely no longer produced. Probably some sort of stupid safety law.
I am going to email them and will report back.