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Hi all . Always used bins products as I think they are decent . Bin for stain blocking an going over knotting before we prime with cover stain . Was seeing that a lot of you talk about mattys isofix primer. Is this an equivalent to bins ? Also as its shellac could it be used to say prime doors ? As me personally would think it would be difficult to apply over larger areas . Just thought I’d see some of ur opinions . Many thanks gaz .

Isofix is the same type of product as BIN. It’s more expensive and slightly harder to apply with a brush or roller in my view.
The only way to get a good application with shellac primers is to spray them.

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Hi Ron . What spray machine would you use to spray them . I’ve never really had much exsperience with spraying . ( or spelling …)
Do u use these materials or bins ? As if not much difference il stick to what I know

you can buy bin in a spray can.

Hi Jason . Yeah I’ve used the ones in a can . But I think u would struggle to spray a flat surface with them . More for stain blocking .