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Pro Decorator Mark in Cumbria

Hi, this is my first post on TP really just to introduce myself and dip my toe in so to speak ! My name is Mark McCarthy I have been a painter & decorator since leaving school in 1977. I have been self employed since 1988 and currently employ my 20 year old son Simon. I am based in West Cumbria on the edge of the lake district. I have been a proud member of dulux select decorators for 15 years. We specialise in quality interior decorating of all types including hand painted kitchens and furniture, and wallcoverings of all types. I am a Lincrusta registered and advanced installer. We also carry out exterior work when its not raining ! I have been trying to spread the word to customers about hand painted kitchens but its been a bit slow to catch on up here. I feel there is a lot of potential for this type of work especially in the affluent lakes which is almost on my doorstep. I am looking forward to reading the forum and getting to know everyone. Mark

Hi Mark

welcome to Traditional Painter, any questions or insights, throw them in the melting pot for everyone to mull over, thanks.

What are homeowners in Cumbria so resistant to when it comes to a hand painted kitchen?



By some weird coincidence Andy I’ve had two hand painted kitchen enquiries in the past two days ! One for a regular customer and another abou 25 miles away that I went to see last night. All went well with the visit just e mailed them a price as they seem a bit excited. I’ll let you know how I get on. I hope to get this one its a modern wooden kitchen and cant be more than 3 or 4 years old

What sort of spec have you gone for on this one?

I have visited both jobs and the first one is a small modern wooden kitchen which can`t be more than about three years old. The lady is excited about seeing it in F&B wimborne white estate eggshell. I have used this a lot since they stopped making the solvent version and like it, the finish is very good. However I have never used it on kitchen cupboards. They are supplying their own paint and F&B primer which I advised against. I would prefer to use coverstain or BIN after degreasing thoroughly. the second customer is a regular of mine they have a modern detached house with a largish traditional kitchen in pine with cathedral doors which is looking tired and dated. They are replacing the melamine worktops with granite and replacing the wall tiles. I advised again the usual eggshell but will probably use oil Little Greene or similar after the usual prep, prime. Regarding costing I have allowed about 5 days to do this kitchen and quoted £880.00 including the primer plus any sundry items, tape etc. I know this seems a bit low for a 3 coat job and advised a 4th coat may be necessary at extra cost. I love this type of work and trying my best to spread the word but sometimes I think most customers have no idea what quality decorating involves.