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Problem ceiling above shower

Earlier this year i renovated an en-suite, new shower, tiling the lot. Above the shower, as i have come to expect, regular emulsion doesn’t work very well, have nwo had 3 goes at painting it…

  1. Glidden contract matt - roll it on and the next roll peels it off.
  2. No problem, wipe off, let dry and seal with BIN. Try again. This time paint takes but after a couple of weeks began to crack and lift.
  3. OK, scrape /rub down cover area in in coverstain, painted this time in Dulux diamond matt. Good for a few months but beginning to crack and lift again

In the last case it appears that the coverstain is intact but the diamond matt is cracking. Any ideas, my gut feeling is to go back to vinyl matt but add Emulsabond in the first coat, this has got me out of scrapes before, alternative permawhite, but didn’t really want egghell finish.

I’d recommend Zinsser PermaWhite in showers and bathrooms- after thorough prep then prime with 123. I’ve had some good long lasting success with PermaWhite after going through similar experiences to you with Dulux!

re the finish, PermaWhite Eggshell is very flat, more like a Vinyl Matt (5-7% sheen), their ‘Satin’ is more like a UK eggshell (20-30%sheen)


Thx for that Dave

Always thought permawhite was self priming,a very good product.

Perma white is self priming but 123 is needed for bare plaster