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Problem ceiling

This bathroom I have got to do was,painted and fitted by BQ we done a job for one off his family members,and he liked our work,looking at the whole job it’s been one bodge.The problem,this is one small area,I checked the surface and it’s powerdy,the paint has broken down in areas,I advised the customer sand flaking areas back and clean the whole ceiling with krudcutter,then spot prime the areas that loose paint has been removed,with bullseye 123, then paint the whole ceiling with 123,and for topcoat use,zinerser permawhite ,the other problem is in the wood they haven’t treated the wood with knoting solution and it’s bleeding through,the only way I no off to sort this problem is to strip back to bare wood then apply knotting,the customer said he can’t live with the gloss frames looking the way they are,is there another solution that could work.cheers jason

Another picture please read the above the walls are one bulls up.

We have changed our approach for sealer we are going to use alkali resting sealer then perma white.