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Problem door

Painted a wood stain door with sadoline super Dec gloss,when applied first coat noticed light brown marks show through,adviced my customer, off the problem, and that we needed to use a bulls eye sealer, to solve it.She said just apply another coat and see ,well I have done that, but still no good, its still showing through. So its case off start again ,and get it right,was thinking off even using cover stain as another option any idears?my other question is having already applied two coats and left for 16 hours each time, how long will it be before the paint will be ready so I can give it a sand, my thought about 6 days with the good whether next week.Any help much appracited.cheers

Sorry I missed this question. The answer is a stain blocker over the bleed through. I don’t view Bullseye 123 as a particularly reliable stain blocker for this scenario. An aerosol of Zinsser BIN shellac primer would be my favourite for these situations.