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Problem Galvanised Garage Door Painting

Evening all…ok spoke too soon, still doing outside work but at least it involves a paint brush and not a garden brush!

Just restoring a stand alone large garage for a relative…all going by the numbers but I asked why they had stripped but not re-painted the pull door steel garage door.

Apparently they had tried painting it a couple of times with bad results. They say they primed it with a special paint were not sure what they used. Then they glossed it…not with anything particularly special judging by the same paint applied on other frames and wooden doors. Each time it cracked and flaked and so they have simply stripped it and left the steel finish. It looks poor and given it’s age some is starting to rust on patches.

Caused me to wonder what the optimum configuration would be when painting a large galv. steel door from scratch. Anyone any experience of doing this to the best standard please? If I’m going to do it then I’d hate for it to meet a similar fate third time.

Appreciate any advice as always. All the best

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Once you have done prep, look up dulux metalsheild,and use there primer ,as well,cheers.

You can also look at Bedec MSP and Zinsser Allcoat exterior. Both are designed to go straight onto galvanised steel I think - bit do check the data sheets.

But if you can use those it means only buying one paint as the primer and finish. Allcoat seems very popular with pro decorators these days and I’ve used a lot myself this year.

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Hi Jason, did you have good experience with the Dulux product and primer? Just a tad wary as they apparently did it a couple of times and ended up stripping it off a couple of times as well.

Honesty speaking they don’t really know what they used on it but are adamant it was the right stuff!!! … famous last words in our family! :wink:

Hi there and many thanks for the advice.

I will definitely take a look at the product specs as you mention. The door itself looks a very normal galvanized finish to me nothing special finish wise, in fact is a very good quality door mechanism, way better than the average.

The only factors I can see see that “might” make a difference (and these are very thin mights…) is that it is a car & a half wide door…good size garage and that it does have strong sunlight exposure for a good period of the day. (In fact they have solar panels fitted and they the only people we know made a profit first quarter!). That and the fact the color was a dark red color maybe didn’t help. Given the sun hit, a lighter paint would be more durable I’d imagine.

Thanks for the pointers on those products. I’ve seen stuff but given their experience to date, keen to get it right. I suspect deep down they didn’t really use the right products.

This article still holds water.

I am not familiar with long term results on Bedec MSP or Zinsser Allcoat.


I would go for a 2 part w/b epoxy - you can get formulas which have added
zinc oxide for extra rust protection. If you need any info let me know.

Kind regards,


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Needless to say, a great and useful article Andy…thanks for the link…getting a good feel for approach now thanks to input from folks.

Hi Ben, yes interested in that…mind you it sounds pricey and this is my Mother-in-Law. Don’t know about you but age tends to skew the value proposition! She spent an hour yesterday looking for a black Marley gutter clip that she insisted she had & didn’t want to invest in a replacement for!!! …she didn’t find it … she then insisted on trying to glue it with some “absolutely wonderful plastic glue”…needless to say it didn’t work.

Begrudging she went to Wicks were the grand sum of 99p bought us what we needed.

Wouldn’t be so bad if she was spending her stash on high living :grinning: but will definitely take a look.

Oh, Ben, just a gentle arm twist to take a look at quotes/data in your email please. Many thanks

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