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Problem patio doors

Hi I have to repaint a set of hardwood patio doors they face the sun and were painted in green dulux weathershield undercoat and gloss with zinsser cover stain as the primer.the problem is they keep peeling .is there a better system than this ?would sikkens xd gloss be better? Maybe a waterbased system ideas please?it must match the original dulux colour thanks.:+1:

What’s causing the peeling moisture/poor adhesion?

Have you heard of peel stop by zinerser?

I don’t know what’s causing it the doors are in a sun trap. I hand scraped back to hardwood then applied 1 coat of zinsser cover stain 2 undercoats and 1 coat of dulux weathershield gloss 3 years later it has peeled of. frustrated thanks.:+1:

No what is this?how do you use it with the dulux weathershield system?cheers