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Problematic cracks

Hi folks,we look at a job and see,lots of cracks,ok we no toupret scrim works well,and what causes them central heating issues extra,but how can we ,
tell whiether a cracks going to be ok or when filled,crack again?

lining is one way to hedge your bets against cracks coming back, but that brings different challenges, mainly it introduces another product layer and variable to the mix.

In my experience, if you are looking to stop existing cracks ever returning in standard plaster skimcoats, Toupret scrim is the way to go. But it can’t stop cracks appearing elsewhere.

On dry lining, back in the day when I was artexing, we were taught to exend any taping 18" beyond the end of a crack, to allow for change in surface tension causing the crack to extend further along the dry lining joint.

For standard filling, you can tell the customer that Toupret 110 is on a par with flexible 2-pack wall filler and both offer superior performance to the plaster that is cracking.

Thanks Andy for your expertise,talk about fillers toupret have bought out a new filler,tx140?

Ask yourself why the cracks are there. No amount of filler is going to deal with subsidence or an end terrace wall, which is starting to move. Water ingress from failed roof or guttering. Weeping soil pipe, failed Finlock guttering that’s creating stress cracks above the window in a bedroom. Plaster failing to bond to a wall plate, masonry wall built on floorboards. And my personal favourite gypsum over lime etc etc. I would have central heating at the bottom of the list. Regardless, be honest with the client, Toupret will do a pretty good job, but obviously, don’t guarantee a fix it if there is a structural issue.

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Just found this description of Toupret scrim tape on Decorating direct

Self-adhesive open weave glass-fibre scrim tape, for reinforcing joints and crack repairs made using Toupret fillers. This is basically a standard self-adhesive joint tape in a small sized roll at a rediculous price, you can purchase a top quality alternative trade sized 90 meter roll of Kip Joint Tape at less than half the price . Interior or Exterior use. Ideal for use with moving crack fillers such as Toupret Elafib and Toupret Fibacryl. Each roll is 50mm wide x 20 meters long

Refreshingly honest :joy:

The deal on 48mm x 90m KIP self adhesive scrim does look a very good deal compared to Toupret’s 48mm x 20m self adhesive scrim, to put it mildly.

Toupret range includes a fine non-adhesive scrim, that you can bed in emulsion paint and when dry, skim with filler. That comes in different pack lengths, I believe from 5m up to 50m.

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Make sure you don’t use on cold surfaces, it dosent stick well,otherwise its excellent.

Hi fellow decorators, looking for some advice,i have a problem crack above wardrobe,theres no room for scrim tape,its a narrow area,that would leave me with one choice toupret elab,any other idears?