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Problems with "New formula" water based paints etc

Steve Waterhouse posted this:

[quote]Quote from Andy Crichton on January 10, 2013, 00:26
Nice part of the world to fade and die in! So what paints or materials have you struggled with most would you say over the past year?[/quote]

use dulux paints have done for years but over the last 12 month the emulsions have given me probs
mainly softsheen always requires 3 coats now and the white matt on new plaster blueing around the edges, seeing “new improved formula” on the tin scares me
acrylic eggshell works it’s self up when cutting in large walls

skins on the inside of plastic paint can lids, having to strain brand new paint … to name a few all these are just inconveniences and i can get round them, once you have a problem there is always a solution it just a pain finding it

The job if thought i would finish today has added another one…sigh

Original job standard bedroom, emul ceiling,line walls uc & gloss no probs lady said yesterday, could i paint banister rail as previous painter had not used knotting on what was new handrail, now they were bleeding through

wanting to do this in 1 day (yesterday)this is how i went about it
flat down with 320 wet’n’dry 2 coats of shellac knotting
spot prime with 123 bullseye twice,then 1 full coat 123 on all handrail
gloss last thing before going

turn up this morning bloody gloss still wet on knotted area’s still wet when i left great ?
all coats were dry before applying next one
house is warm

have had this before with the new formula oil eggshell over oil primer but air flow through the day its always gone off…sorry gone on a bit and this is prob in wrong thread :slight_smile:

I moved away from Dulux so not best one to comment, but I also don’t have much time for Bullseye for sort of reasons there. Would BIN not do the knotting job, 2 coats white shellac overall and straight on with rest of your system?

yep i think your right that is the way to go now, BIN the knotting as it were

Dulux Vinyl Soft Sheen has extremely poor opacity for me. I use Johnstone’s now and find I can easily get away with 2 coats if the colour change isn’t to drastic. Plus the price is much more reasonable.

Most new formula oil based paint will give drying problems, I won’t use it at all now. Slow drying, soft paint film and premature yellowing just make it not worth the hassle.
Water based paint may have it’s critics but I never get problems when customers are made aware of the advantages.

I agree with Andy about BIN, it gives less bother than standard knotting and it helps obliterate the knot. If you do use a complete water based system always use white knotting or BIN. Standard brown knotting will bleed through water based films after a few months and leave a bigger mess than not applying knotting at all.

For new wood and acrylic eggshell I’ve found BIN to knot, then once dry one full coat of Zinsser Cover Stain. I find Cover Stain self levels much better than BIN and leaves a superb flat finish ready for topcoating
If Dulux is specified i use Diamond Satinwood rather than Diamond Eggshell. The Satinwood flows out much better then the eggshell(use Wooster Alpha or Purdy Sprig Elite and keep surface slightly damp and brushes rinsed through every 20-30 mins) and the end result is a sheen level more akin to the old oil eggshell.
my personal preference for Acrylic Eggshell trim work is Zinsser Perma White Satin
(Zinsser Perma White Eggshell has a very flat sheen level so making it my No 1 choice for bathroom walls and ceilings)

thanks for the input guys …learning all the time

Hi folks whats peoples oppions on dulux,used there trade vinyl Matt ,quiet liked it .

I have had a few problems with Dulux trade matt emulsion its very prone to crazing, Ive never had any problems with any other paint. I use Dunlop caulk so never have a problem with crazing only with Dulux Trade Matt. Some customer insist on it so should I stand my ground and use alternatives. Do other people have issues with it or is it just me?

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I have no opinion on Dulux matt 2016, but I would urge you to stick to your guns and specify the product that in the end you are happy to stand by.

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Most of my jobs i use manor emulsion,it doses what it says on the tin it works well.

Been using dulux today what i dont like its tacky paint when your rolling
out of the big ben you notice it as well.The mathys is like manor rolls
out the tray really nice i am going to stick with what i no.cheers