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Prodec X-Zero

I grabbed a set of these to try and I actually like them a lot. They are a bit like the Purdy Sprig but with a fuller stock.

My problem however, is that I want to know where they are manufactured and I can’t get an answer from them - tried Twitter and their own web site and nothing. Are they ignoring me because their customer service is crap or are they avoiding answering because they don’t want to admit they’re made in China?

It’s an important aspect for me so without having an answer I will just presume the brushes are not made locally and will stop using them. Anyone have any inside info?

Prodec is a Rodo company (… and (as far as I am aware) the vast majority of output is via the Far East (China).

I called Andy Cherry at MyPaintbrush to confirm and he is of the same mind.

I hope that this helps…

Yes it helps a lot and confirms my suspicion Martin so thanks. It means they are off my preferred list now though. Ah well.

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Rodo kindly responded and say

cannot share with you the country of origin detail for our brushes, this is our company policy.

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Well that’s my answer then eh? If a manufacturer feels the need to withhold that kind of information it means they are worried they will lose sales if the truth was known. Most are proud to say they manufacture in the UK so if they won’t tell it means they are made somewhere else.

Aside from that they have not even acknowledged my messages and that’s bad enough customer service to turn me off them.

Thanks for letting me know about that anyway Andy. Useful to know.

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