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Product reviews

Hi folks i have been trying lots of new products just haven’t had the time to put on.Have you tried the ice fusion mini rollers? i am looking for a new caulk gum looking at the cox 41004 looks impressive,at the moment i have a fossa masterful,whats your thoughts on the cox 41004 has anyone got one?

I’ve tried the ice mini rollers.they seem to be very clean.I’m going through a phase of painting built in furniture that has been installed in houses.usually top end so have to be very aware of floors and furniture.
As opposed to the kitchen cupboard painting the mdf is covered with “fibre paint”.seems a tricky surface to paint on.after many years still using tikkarilla.Coming back to roller sleeves im always looking for the best

Hi welcome to tp,we used bullseye 123 on mdf,its easy to spray as well, although i am not a great fan. With the rollers,myfussy bloke rollers are also quiet good, and arroworthys.