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Proform Picasso PIC-6

I recently aquired a 1" Picasso PIC-6 to trial.

The brush is in the same style as the standard Picasso but is thinner in in fill. It also comes with a ‘rat-tail’ handle (one that gets progressively thinner toward the end) rather than the ‘flutted’ contoured handle on most US made brushes.
This brush is aimed at the same type of job you would do with a Purdy Dale or Wooster Willow brush.

The paint loads up well and the handle has a nice feel to it when held near the base.

I had some really thin areas of trim to paint between some finished wallpaper and a stained door and this brush seemed ideal.

I can honestly say this is the best brush I’ve ever used for cutting a sharp line in a confined space. As you distrubute the paint it puts just enough on and the fine point puts paint just where you want it. I was blown away with the cut-in lines achieved with this brush, and with very little effort.

It kept it’s shape well, with none of the bristle distortion that can be common with such a thin brush in a small size.

Though I haven’t used one I can only imagine the super sharp lines that could be achieved using a 2" or 2.5" version of this brush cutting emulsion to ceilings and finished door frames.

I love the standard Picasso for cutting in but the PIC-6, in the right application, is the market leader for me at the moment.

Update on the Picasso PIC-6.

I bought one of these from MyPaintBrush in the * 2.5" style I mentioned above.

I’ve use this product for the last couple of days in Dulux Trade Vinyl Soft Sheen. The cutting in is excellent, probably the best brush I’ve ever used in this regard. It will leave a thinner line than a standard Picasso, and your runs won’t be as long. But I think this brush is worth it due to the fine lines achieved.