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Proform Picasso

The best known brush from American company, Proform, is the one and only oval angled Picasso brush. The “carrot top” holds so much paint, yet paints the straightest most controlled lines and lays off water-based paints beautifully. For acrylic latex paints, it is hard to beat in terms of quality of finish, and speed of application.

What is your experience?

The Picasso is an excellent brush in the right situation. It’s not the best brush for everything though.
I use them for cutting in emulsions and acrylic paints on walls, where I find it excels. Sharp cutting in is the order of the day with these brushes. The application of paint is so much faster due to the paint retention in the oval ferrule and the release of paint from the bristle.
I’m not their biggest fan for acrylic trim paints though because they can leave brushmarks if the paint doesn’t flow out well, though Dulux Ecosure Gloss and Rubbol BL Satura are 2 products that do work well with them.
Proform’s Contractor and Ergonomic brushes (The same bristles just different handles) have a softer filament and lay out acrylic trim paints such as Mythic and Johnstone’s Acrylic Satin a little better than the Picasso.
Wear is more pronounced with these brushes because they are pure polyester. Nylon and Chinex is added to most brushes to give stiffness and wearability to them. But to me it doesn’t really matter. If you are after the best quality finish a little less longevity is a small price to pay.