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Protecting surfaces when spraying

Hi folks looking for some tips on good ways to protect surfaces when spraying, for radiator’s I am using,super tape,and the same for coving, for frames we are using, kip tape, and sockets unscrewing and sandwich bag to protect, for the flooring we are using lining paper as its hard floor. For the radiator I thought about covering with plastic ,this would be a bit quicker, for skirting we just apply tape with gun. Anyone who may know of better ways I would like to know. cheers

If there was that much masking and covering to do before spraying I think rolling would be faster :slight_smile:

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I agree with you, but we have a 3m hand masker, and 3m ta 20 hand masker, and
must say although not being a expert in spraying, I like the finish, something I don’t think a arroworthy could achieve.