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Providence Paints

Not sure if any of you guys have heard of Providence, They have a shop in the center of Cambridge. I’d walked past on many occasion and noticed some nice Shaker furniture and Farrow & Ball paints, I finally went in at the weekend and tucked away downstairs was their own paint brand!According to the very nice paint chart’s, the eggshell and matt are universal, self priming, hard wearing, eco friendly and so on. I have emailed to question the self priming claims and not had a response. I shall take a trip over to the main workshop in the next couple of days and report back. Could this be the holy grail of paints? I hope so…

That’s an interesting find, Andy, thanks. From reading the Providence Paint explanatory notes, it sounds like its properties are a mix of the best of LG, Mythic and Tikkurila - self priming, interior / exterior, low VOCs in traditional colours and lower sheen. Nice for the furniture and kitchen painters.

Is it manufactured in-house or re-branded US made? I suppose only by trialling it can you judge if the prices are good value or not.

Keep us posted.

It’s made locally, going to pop over tomorrow.

Did you ever get anywhere with Providence Paints?

I did try the universal primer, was pretty ghastly really thick and sticky, poor adhesion too, have yet to try the eggshell.

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