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Purdy white dove rollers

I am open to anything that will help me perform better,on rollers how many off you wrap rollers with tape to remove loose fluff,i am looking to buy some 4 purdy white dove rollers,has anyone had experience with them,and a 2gallon cut in bucket with metal bucket screen,i am also looking to purchase a purdy 6 in one multi tool,what do people think off theses pieces off kit,Happy decorating :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

On new rollers I run tape over them and also give them a good soaking in warm water.
I needed some new rollers the other week and got some Harris T-Class Tiger Stripe, medium pile. Very impressed, I’ve used 2 painting on new plaster in 3 rooms, one for ceilings and one for walls, from mist coat to top coats they haven’t shed hardly any fluff and gave a very smooth finish which the customer is very happy with.