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Pure bristle brush for oil undercoat,gloss

Is it still possible to get a top quality pure bristle brush for oil paints undercoat,gloss etc ifso which is the best 2" on the market at the moment i have heard hamilton are updateing there range?

Hamilton will have to pull a few tricks out their hog bristle bag to approach the Corona Morro. A good write up over at PPS from Lewis just about covers it.

If you look at this comparison post I did, you can also see where the quality differences are between Morro and Hamilton Perfection.

There is a new Pioneer Spirit oval sash bristle brush from My paintBrush for contractors, a 75/25 natural / synthetic bristle. Just over £10 for a set of 3 is worth a look.

Ordinarily your natural bristle brushes improve with use.

As Andy says I would try the Corona Morro. If the rest of Coronas lines are anything to go by I should think the Morro would be a very good brush.

You could also try the Purdy Pro-Extra in oil. It’s not natural bristle but it does perform like one, but without the break-in period.

Any updates on pure bristle brushes to try, thanks in advance

you mite want to have a look at the corona Shin-Ox range
i like the griffin sturdy accurate with a great flow
the morro is a nice brush .but i find the 2 inch a bit flimsy .next size up is much better imo
but i would look to having them imported if price is not a problem as they have a much bigger range than what we get here in the uk