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Question about shellac

Good Afternoon,
When cleaning shellac primer from brushes, I’ve always poured the dirty meths back into the bottle and allowed the sediment to sink in order to re-use the solvent.

I was wondering if the sediment, rather than being disposed of, could be re-used, as in theory, being a reversible coating, it’s still shellac primer…no chemical change has occurred.

Any thoughts?

I suppose in theory, as there are only a couple of ingredients in shellac primer but the question you have to ask yourself is, could you guarantee that this ‘re-made’ primer has any integrity, would it stick, and would it last? It may have had no chemical change but it has been over diluted, how do you get it back to its original state? On a professional level, I don’t think you would find anyone that would use it.


I agree,… Newlife/Reborn paints run a recycling system with emulsions and employ chemists to look at the viability and integrity of the “recycled” paints - utilising proven testing criteria… I wouldn’t feel confident that the Shellac hadn’t been compromised.

…B-I-N and Isofix are expensive I grant you, but you would be saving pennies.

Belt and braces, buy new and leave the sediment to go to your local Council Recycling Centre.

All the best!

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Cheers for pointing out some rather important issues.
Won’t be using the BIN sludge.

Thanks for the sound advice.

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