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Quick drying fillers

Got chatting to a builders merchants.

Anyway the conversation got on to fast drying fillers, which does interest me. He recommended red devil, with a plasterer’s float, buying a large tub, this filler can be over-painted quickly. Any feedback,does it produce nice finish, how does it perform in cold areas like outside walls? Any help appreciated.

re Red Devil - try the Toupret equivalent RedLite - it doesnt need priming. Red Devil will flash through unless primed. I only use it for deeper fills as it doesn’t slump

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Hi Dave you use this quite a lot on interiors,how doses it perform on a cold wall doses this affect drying.

Drying times are always variable - factors include depth of fill, ambient temperature, humidity and the ‘don’t know what’s it taking so long to dry’ one that catches us all out from time to time !

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Hi Dave, another product fyi is the Prestonett Lightweight Filler, no grinning through. A couple of the TP members have written positive reviews on this product.

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Starting to take a like to toupret redlight filler,used two part on one area,ok it dries quick to a dark grey colour this one I was using is,decor fill but takes a bit off effort sanding, tried touprett on another door must say I like it also white so will cover easier, and sands easy, on panel wood doors this must be a good choice, any feedback ,could it be used over scrim?

Excellent product been using today on walls and doors nice to rub down ,any other recommendations on fine surface fillers,

With fillers like red devil or my favourite touprett red-light filler, can they be used where there’s, areas which are going to be tiled, any recommendations on quick drying fillers for that type off job.

Have you got a photo of the job so we can see what you need to do. Areas under tiling, I would think that the tile adhesive takes care of what those sorts of fillers can do?

Bought a tin off u-pol easy sand filler, anyone using it on here have any good or bad feedback on this.cheers

Hi folks theses lightweight fillers, what situations do you find best to use?To day I had a job where it meant filling a hole,wheres theres lining paper,a filler that’s slightly wet could absorb
into lining paper and cause bubbles,t hats why I used lightweight filler,its fairly dry and less chance of doing it.What areas do you find best for theses fillers,if you have large holes I take it you would do two fills.cheers

I use light weight filler all the time to speed up the job using fat hog as it’s easiest to get hold of one fill is smoother and better. They are great for ceilings as they’ll stay in place and not sag.
I will sometimes be caught using it with a plastering trowel, to skim out larger wall imperfections or over skim tape on movement cracks.
Upol (car body filler) is a great product. It does feel like you’re taking a step back to stinking out the house with oil, so make sure you’re well ventilated (or you may get a little light headed). No hanging about with this. Same As wood filler two part mix together little and often, once left it’ll set in 10mins.
Works well as a fine surface filler too. Mix up and Apply your first

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Mix up your first batch to fill the hole. Once dry , sand smooth(120grit), tack clothe the dust off and apply a second coat over the top.
Then wet and dry paper to smooth any edges.

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Do touprett make a readymixed filler near to tx110?thats easy to sand.cheers

Hi with the upol its a very grey colour if i am right,do you spot prime?

I do if I can. I tend to use the coverstain, being and all round excellent product. Or a coat with whatever colour emulsion I’m using.

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hi are you using upol to fill plaster?or just wood.cheers

Only for small dents as you need to be able the fill it so it’s flush with minimal sanding, New plaster sands away much easier than the upol.

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Have you tried other primers to spot prime upol was thinking the coverstain in spray can would be faster are there any waterbased you have tried?many thanks

whats the equivalent of tx110 that you can buy in a tub ready mixed but not lightweight filler?cheers