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Quick start

Hi, welcome to Traditional Painter’s discussion boards. Keen DIY and trade can browse freely, sign up to ask questions, receive replies via email: Shortcut for Android users.

Clear layout and easy to get around
Simple powerful search
Embed Youtube videos just using the youtube link;
Private Messaging
Involve selected users in a conversation quoting @username;
Instant quotes
Continuous scroll

It is new, it is user friendly but it is new and it is different.

##Navigating around.
On the homepage, Categories and the search icon will get you a long long way.

##Continuous scroll

Scroll down through all topic listings and threads.

Get back to the homepage via the TP icon, or “all categories”. The search icon top right will put you on course too.

##Say hello, we would like to know who we are chatting with
3 - If you have never written an introductory post, go to the All Categories button top left, select Forum Guide from the drop-down.

Click on Introduce yourself, and Create new topic (same as before, on the top right side)

Titles are formatted Painter and decorator Taunton, Pete Jones or Keen DIY in Taunton, Jackie

##How to ask a question
Click on “all categories” to reveal an appropriate category

On the top right side of the category page, **Create Topic**

Ask the question, someone will try to answer it promptly.

#First time SignUP - not a problem!

To post a question, please sign up first. We have 3 ways!

Username, email or FaceBook (FaceBook is the simplest, I think.)

Once signed up, you can login the same way.

##Login problems
a) Forgotten login details? or you can’t even remember your username or email address …HELP is here .

c) Forgotten how to login or sign up? Login button is top right. FaceBook or username and email will get you set up in no time.

##Neat profile page
Once logged in, if you hit your avatar top right and go to preferences, you can fill in some details.

You are welcome to leave a link to your business, but it will only go live, once you have participated for a reasonable while. There are Trust Levels built in!

##Use the forum via email!
We want to encourage good conversation, and email is still the number one easy way to communicate online, by a country mile.

  • If you start a topic or respond to a topic, email notifications will be sent to you automatically, .

  • You are emailed the full post, not snippets.

  • You can reply via email including images even, and your reply is auto-posted in full on the forum.

##Daily weekly or bi-weekly email digests**

a) In your preferences you have a selection of email options (Our active members seem to turn them all on to start and then turn them off as they gauge how many notifications they want.)

b) Only interested in paint? Select Categories > watched

  • start to type in paint and select an option. (Select as many categories as you want to watch / receive email updates on.)

  • Save

##In summary

Easy to get around, search and find anything on the forum, Youtube URL auto embeds the video; PM members, involve selected users in a conversation quoting @username; instant quotes, instant scroll to top or to a selected post in a thread; full email friendly options built in.

It is new, it is user friendly but it is new and it is different.

Please give it your best shot :slight_smile:

Thanks, happy browsing.

##For all new users
We have a main info page

It lists the key user guide notes