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Re training

Hi there,

Please let me know if this is not allowed but I’m looking to get back into the painting and decorating trade.
I went to college to learn decorating just over 10 years ago and have the city and guilds certificates. I worked onsite for nearly a year afterwards but changed career paths as the money wasn’t great.
So I’m just wondering if there’s anyone out there willing help me get back into the swing of things, I’m still employed full time and am wondering if anyone would appreciate some free labour one day a week or so? Just so I can get back up to speed with things.
Thanks for looking,

Hi, thanks for posting, glad to hear you are looking to get into the trade, you sound very motivated, which is half the battle.

Whereabouts are you located, as that may help with your job search :grinning:

Thanks for taking the time to look and reply.
Ahh yes that would help wouldn’t it :joy: I’m located around the Sussex area

Hi Russ
Why do you want to get back into painting?
Feel free not to answer that if you don’t want to. Anyway, how far can you travel?

I want to get back into it because I enjoy it and need the 9-5 back in my life.
I’m currently working alsorts of shifts and need some normality back.
I’m willing to travel say 15-20 miles maybe more.

Thanks for looking

Hi theres no reason while your looking you couldn’t get some practise in?i highly recommend james parodi wallpapering DVDs,plus jack paughl?

i have at home a artist board, with three boards, one for cutting around sockets, two for cutting in practise,and shed board up for double cutting practice. IN the
living room, I practise rolling with clean roller, moving tray along, with my foot, and then at work do the same thing. Hats
really helped me, and saved a lot of time, studying hard, then next day when working rehearse in my head.

Hi Russ
Good to hear your looking to get back into the trade. I get approached a lot from people either trying to get back into the trade like yourself or someone looking to start out.
My latest two employees both phoned me asking for work, so you could try contacting some of your local decorators? You never know
Good luck

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