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Recomened fast drying primer,undercoats,and emulsions,and sealers

Just finished a bathroom and was thinking areas where we can improve, we used crown sealer but this takes,16 hours to dry, where if we had used zinerser peel stop ,it would have been two hours recoat time, must say I was very impressed with zinerser perma white, fast drying and lovely finish. For our next job we are going to try mathys from Holman’s this can be recoated after 1 hour,shouldnt we all be looking at ways we can work as effective and cleverly as possible.Doses anyone no off sealer,primer undercoats with good track records and that are fast drying, and can be recoated in a few hours.cheers jason

I do tend to use BE123+ as a primer most often and that’s a 1 hour re-coat. It’s a bit more difficult with top coats where even fast drying stuff like Bedec MSP need 4 hours.

I have been experimenting with a soy based satin that says you can re-coat as soon as it feel dry! I did a piece of board with it and pushed it as far as I dared - 3 coats in 3 hours. Even doing that it was dry enough for a very light sanding in between. And a tough finish once it’s cured properly after a few days.


HI guys what’s your favorite primer sealers you always keep on the van,peel stop coverstain ,bullseye 123 ,Gardz ,anymore that would be very usefal.

Can I ask what make was the soy based satin?

I will add BIN and Otex,

It’s made for the Nursery Paint Co but not sure who actually makes it. It does the job but it’s not the easiest to work with - doesn’t flow as well as others and the finish is more eggshell than satin. I tried their eggshell and it’s very similar.

I would use it on a job if I needed to really rush it but I’d prefer to give myself more time and use something that goes on easier and looks a bit better. It’s a pity because I like the idea of soy paint but I think they need to work on it a bit more if professionals are going to take it seriously.

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Hi folks whats your best primer/sealer for sticking down fragile paint?cheers