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Recommend a decent decorator in Telford/Shrewsbury Area?

Morning all.

Getting a bit lazy nearing the end of house renovation for daughter and looking for some help on our own project but know of no quality decorators in the Telford / Shrewsbury area. (sorry should say that’s not to doubt they are out there)

Have a lounge and hall and stairs worth of new (6 year old) American Oak skirtings and door frames and doors treated with Polyurethane varnish and would like to get someone in to strip them, sand and Osmo Raw treat them.

In reality they are very simple to strip as the varnish was not keyed properly (works for us now) but I’m loosing the will to live after doing the other place.

Anyone interested or recommend anyone? If we can find the right person then they can start as soon as they like. Appreciate any recommendations. Thanks