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Recommend a gun in exterior filler please?

Evening all,

Doing a conservatory. Is a loss leader for my Mother. My Dad built it years back and so I offered restore it for her. t spent 20 years in a cedar red Ronseal shade and is making the transition to gloss white via 2 coats primer, Gras de laquer x 2, sand and 2 coats gloss & a load of wood care repair system and preservative.

Is going well but could use some help on what product to use to smooth out the gap between the glazing bar and frame please.

Problem is I removed & restored and reapplied the worn glazing bars with copper nails and CT1 on two faces … a little too much CT1 which means the neat little groove is a bit bumpy as you can see in the photos. The last one shows the problem I need to fix. Second from last is what I want to end up like.

I reckon a light application of some form of filler from a mastic gun and a wipe over with me finger will cancel out the undulations but I’m not sure what to use.

It’s a glazing bar so at some point it will come out so don’t want to use anything to concrete like. At the same time, a simple caulk I imagine would lift too quick in the great Shropshire outdoors.!

Could urgently use a steer on the product to use. The weather an time is against me and this thing is eating days and weeks.

Many thanks in advance. Apologies I think the photos might be at wrong angle. New smart phone user! :slight_smile:

DSC_0000_BURST20200903185742668_COVER (1)|666x500

OK can’t believe that … I asked precisely the same question in 2015. And you all gave a totally comprehensive answer that I acted out. But been a while since had to do so old age and all … apologies

Hi providing the surface is sound and clean i would use Sikaflex, marine sealant, I would speak to there tech department to ask, which of there sealants would be best.

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Thanks for the suggestion Jason and for sure I’m going to have a read of that right now.

I went with the Repair Care Dry Seal for this job and it appears to have done the job very well. Well it certainly has filled the glazing bar rough grooves beautifully. Not painted it yet but I’m optimistic.

Mind it turns out I applied it wrong in the sense that (after the event) I found that you should apply it to the two under edges of the glazing bar! I did with CT1 then applied a thin bead onto the glass and wood edge!!! It has applied well and will work but not the right way.

I also used the Repair Care 2in1 tubes to rebuild some rotted corners. Brilliant stuff, a quality material and repair. Mind at the price per tube, it wants be good!!!

Thanks for the suggestion and will be trying that one as well. Cheers

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if your looking for a good caulking gun look at fossa,masterfull,you can buy from decorating direct,best gun,i have owned.

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Just looking at that now Jason, my old bog standard one is ok but a 360 deg rotation looks VERY useful … especially for 4 side glazing bars. I feel an investment coming on :slight_smile:

Cheers for that … good call

You can get a good quality rotating gun from places like toolstation or a decorating merchants for about £6, plus they hold the larger tubes of caulk

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Yes just looking at that Rod, is a good bit cheaper … cheapest I can see on Toolstation is £16 but still a lot less.

Also on Amazon for similar price. Picked up my Repair Care products from local Dulux Center who have been very helpful and also stocking Rubbol and XD which useful for current project.

Also noticed they have what they call a ‘Foil Gun’ and reusable nozzles? Not sure what this is?

Take a look at Toolstation catalogue number 35102 or a google search prodec revolving caulk gun both around the £6 mark, I buy my repaircare products direct from their website .

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Blimey yes, can see it now Rod … that is good value for sure. And for the sort of work our tools are subjected to, the right stuff for sure. Thanks for pointing out … until I searched on that part ref, nothing was coming up.

Yeah really like the Repair Care stuff. Is pricey, very pricey …and boy does it smell bad … the 2 in 1. But work it certainly does.

I’ve not used much of the 2in1. I use the 2 tube dry flex mainly, yes it is very expensive stuff but I won’t use anything else for deep repairs. Both stink like cooked kippers :joy:

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It does indeed.

I used to work a3 days a week in the Netherlands for a few years and got a taxi from Amsterdam to Zeist every day on the A1 and the run off ditches they have on the side of the road and the liquid fertiliser at certain times of year smell the same … you never forget that! Shudder!!!

Mind the smell I can put up with given it works so well as you say.

Hi folks when buying a caulk gun what do you look for?thrust ratio is important,what caulk do you use?i like the one decorating direct sell,zwaluw great stuff never let us down.When it comes to caulking whats been your biggest lessons?