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Refurbishing timber garage doors

I have been asked to re-decorate some timber garage doors previously decorated with Sadolin. The client requires the Sadolin to be removed due to serious degrading.
Should I strip the Sadolin with a liquid paint stripper or a heat gun?
What would be the best primer, under and top coat to use given that the doors face due South. The client is looking at a Grey colour to be applied. The Timber doors look in very good condition - just the finish is poor.

Personally I would heat strip, especially as the wood will be re-painted so scorching won’t matter. Liquid means either the nasty chemicals and the sludge, or eco stripper which takes longer with more applications - and the sludge!

A garage door being fairly flat, shouldn’t take too long with a gun.


Thanks greenpainting. gives me something to think about. Apologies for the delay in responding.

Has anybody got any advise as to prep and best paint type to use on these garage doors. Thanks

Have you ever used the Zinsser Allcoat exterior? Water based and self priming so you can just get it mixed to your chosen colour and put on as many coats as you need. Satin or gloss and they go on nicely.

Depending on the wood the doors are made from you might want to use a stain blocking primer first to stop anything bleeding through.

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sadoline superdec great stuff.

Thanks greenpainting and darlic.
I have used Zinsser allcoat ext but have not been back to inspect but found it very good to apply. I think that I may go for this one especially as it can be tinted. Zinsser BIN would probably be the right sealer to use.

Superdec I have not used before but being water based should be a good option and again BIN as a sealer.
Thanks guy’s I will have a conversation with my customer due to the situation being South facing and have concerns about best time to apply.

BIN is a spot sealer at best on exterior woodwork, very brittle.

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Hi Andy
Thank you for your response and apologies. Another senior moment I’m afraid. What I should have said is spot prime with BIN and use 123 primer. What is your view on this and are there any other options that I should consider. Given that the outlook is due South should I apply by roller and lay off as I am concerned that the drying time will beat me given the area to be covered if I opt for water based paint.

You should try paint when the sun is not beating on the door, or erect a shade… that takes out the manic speed requirement, so you can go waterbased with a happier heart. I have never seen anything wrong with rolling and tipping if it gets the job done.

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Thanks Andy.
The weather has always been my concern and I have advised the client that this will dictate the start/finish date because of this. I take on board your advice and again, Thank you, - confidence is building!

Dont forget keep the dust down sprinke floor with water.

This was Allcoat exterior - two coats on the same day and painted as you see there - in full sun and on a metal door. No extenders, just thinned with water to get the desired consistency. Roll and tip wouldn’t work there because by the time you rolled a big enough section to make it worth doing the brush would start to drag.

Any time you paint with a water based paint - but especially in sun, try and plan ahead - be methodical. This door has obvious divisions so it was possible to do each down strip and gully with a 3" and work from left to right. Load brush, paint down, lay up in one stroke if you can. Next load same thing but lay up into the previous load but other than that don’t touch it again. Even in sun Allcoat will let you do that as long as you work quickly and carefully and you’ll get a great finish. I would even suggest skipping the BE123. If you have fills and knots you could spot them with BIN but other than that go straight on with the Allcoat which is designed to be self priming. Onto bare wood you might want three coats but you will be using the same paint which coats over itself nicely and dries to recoat in an hour.

I don’t know the construction of the doors you need to do Richard but if they are t&g or panels you can take the same approach by working on the sections and thinking about where the overlaps will be.


Thank you greenpainting. The garage doors are similar to yours but timber with T&G ‘V’ joint with a frame surround so I think I should treat the surround as a separate issue. Following your advice I am going for the Allcoat ext option. Again many thanks.

You’re welcome and yes I would treat the surround as a separate section and let it dry a bit before you do the rest. Good luck.


This was Zinsser allcoat exterior as well on metal door in the sun. 2 coats applied. Added a little XIM for wet edge.


Thanks a lot Dave. Now I’m really confident!

you could have used floetrol,or a wizz of water?

Will do. Thanks darlic