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Remove adhesive from tessalated floor

A question from reader, Toby.

[quote]I have been asked to renovate this old Victorian floor. Previous owners carpeted over it and the underlay has been stuck on.There is a lot of the adhesive on the floor that will have to be removed.I have tried thinners,turps and meths.Is there anything else you can suggest.


Yes wd40. If that doesn’t work use Autoglym tar / glue remover used for car detail work. If that doesn’t work I may use a heat gun, but be careful at a distance with plastic filling blade, should do the trick.

cellulose and a scraper or wire brush

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a plastic scraper would be a safer routre?

a soft wire brush like brass

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Bows in respect teho your a highly experienced painter/decorator with lots to teach.What do you
use theses for in your everyday work,

for removing paint from textured glass when someone has got paint on windows


i have only ever removed paint from flat glass,but now i no when i come across what to do.