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Remove emulsion paint spots from laminate floor

Continuing the discussion from Trouble with painted plaster:

On the laminate floor there’s emulsion spots. Not sure how long they have been there, but told the customer I would remove. I was thinking methylated spirit,or Krudkutter, or warm soapy water with a plastic blade.

Thanks guys for any help.

They are all feasible ways. If it is like overspray spots from a roller, simple soapy water on the floor and then a rough green dish pan rag can sometimes work as well as anything . (Start simple and then bring out the big guns, if that doesn’t work.

Slow acting paint stripper dabbed carefully onto the top of a dried blob is another way to soften the paint.

The main trick is to pinch up any wet paint, not spread it out.

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Anyone heard of super strength upvc cleaner paint remover, if not its worth keeping a pot in the van, it can be bought from decorating direct. I have been working on a job where a previous painter ,left gloss paint all over the door handles and laminate flooring this stuff worked a treat, the brass handles come up like brand new ,and removed gloss on flooring with a bit of contact time with ease, going to try on conservatory very soon and will let everyone see the before after results

Have a look at the Fluxaf Graffi Clean. I have recently supplied some for a cleaning company given the task of cleaning up a large number of flats after some over enthusiastic decorators had been in residence. Very effective, and great feedback and equally as good as Krudkutter.

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For removing best product I found was evans high class cleaner,thought I would share the tip.

Use Fluxaf Graffi Clean. I have a cleaning company who have had great
success with it.

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Will give it a try, and compare both and let you no.cheers